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  • Drinking: i'm starting to feel guilty about it
Merry Christmas Motherfuckers!
Have a great time y'all
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  • Listening to: Smells like Teen Spirit
  • Playing: TF2
So I finally gave into my own peer pressure and got TF2 and I kinda really really like it :meow: haha, it's a slim chance, but if anyone's interested in playing with me add me on Steam, or if you don't want to play and just want a bit of Jelly on your friends list then go ahead and add me bitches ;3
My Steam is just JellyCamel as always~

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I don't usually make journals, and when I do I kinda wish I hadn't, but I suppose I can spare this one x3 But hey if you want to read about a challenge I kinda want to do, or some other bullshit, then continue reading.

So I found this challenge on tumblr (…) and I really kinda wanna do this challenge, it looks pretty fun ^^ It's supposed to be done in 30 days or something, but I...don't really see that happening x3 I'll try to keep up with it, though

Fight the power, YEAH! *thrust*

Challenge is as follows:

1. Harpy
2. Centaur
3. Slime
4. Naga
5. Mermaid
6. Spider Girl
7. Plant Girl
8. Octomaid
9. Demon
10. Succubus
11. True Monster
12. Zombie
13. Insect Girl
14. Dullahan
15. Dragon/Reptile Girl
16. Ghost
17. Robot
18. Alien
19. Cyclops
20. Satyr
21. Canine Girl
22. Feline Girl
23. Yōkai
24. Multiple Limbs
25. Favorite Monster Girl
26. Favorite Monster Girl Character
27. A Truly Gruesome Girl
28. A Group of Monster Girls Together
29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

Aaaawwwwww yeeeaahhh, diss gonn be gooooodddd

Also I got a new laptop, if anyones's pretty cool, I feel a very passionate affair with this laptop coming on~ No offense to that piece of crap I used to use

Unf, Jelly of the Camels out man, far out

  • Listening to: scars on broadway
  • Playing: how many people can i indirectly pee on

Now then now then howz about howz about that then guyz and galz~


So I haven't done one of these in a while, and i figured, hey, what the hell, if some randomer wants to watch me lineart, well, they bloody well can

  • Listening to: scars on broadway
  • Playing: how many people can i indirectly pee on
i just upgraded to




So hey welcome to my da account x3 made a new one because my old one sucked was getting a bit old, and i cant bear to delete any of my old work so i just thought eh why not start over
and hey, while im at it, i can see how many active watchers i have ^^ or at least the ones that care

:iconi-ish-eating-ur-soul: <- old account

now i'm outta here
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